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Clinton-Sanders Endgame Appears to Be Underway

Perhaps it was the lack of an indictment, or maybe it was the sideways glances in the halls of the Capitol, or maybe it was the (alleged) boos. In any case, a number of campaign insiders say that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are negotiating a joint appearance in New Hampshire next week, at which the Vermont Senator will officially endorse his primary opponent.

The development that broke the logjam, officially speaking, was a proposal that Clinton made on Wednesday—a commitment to try and reduce the burden imposed by student loans while also making in-state tuition at public universities free for families earning less than $125,000. When Clinton issued forth with the idea, Sanders may have realized that he had gotten about as much of his platform as he was going to get. Or, he may simply have decided that this was his last chance to declare victory, and to leave the campaign on his own terms, without his tail between his legs. We'll never know for sure, but either way, it certainly looks like this particular chapter of the 2016 campaign is about to come to a close.

1. stopping or ceasing for a time; alternately ceasing and beginning again:
an intermittent pain.
2. alternately functioning and not functioning or alternately functioning properly and improperly.
3. (of streams, lakes, or springs) recurrent; showing water only part of the time.